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I believe we all have something that brings us warmth when we're cold, light when it's dark, that fills us with life. It's our reason for getting up each day. Our reason for laughing, for smiling, and often the source of our strength.
Our virtual sunshine like a bright warm beam made just for us.

This is what I aim to capture and preserve with each simple, treasured photograph. Be it family, love, cherished pets, all of those combined or a very special event, the possibilities are literally endless. But what is not endless is our time. In our busy lives it's sometimes hard to stop and fully acknowledge what warms our hearts. But captured in a single photograph, time stands still and we can enter a world that brings us back to a cherished time, place or person with just a moment of reflection. My speciality is candid photography. Life as it's happening. Invite me on your quiet walk to the river, to your funny pet's favorite sunny spot, to any moment or place you treasure and I will preserve this precious time in your life for generations to come.

And so I ask you, what is your sunshine?

~ Jessica